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Why should I do Pilates with you?

I could ramble on for hours as to why you should come to our studio. I could tell you about our qualifications or the fact that we are covered by most health funds for classes, but really, you should come because we are like one big family.

We’ll remember your name. We won’t slot you into a class and let you come and leave without saying hello. We’ll remember your pets names and what you do for work. Actually, we’ll even remember what you had for dinner last week (as we ask all our night classes!).

Let’s be real, there are many places you can go to exercise, but the proof is in the pudding that we’ve had more than 30% of our client base that have been coming to our classes consistently for 4+ years. Although you’re going to get fantastic results from our classes, you’re also going to get a Pilates family too (and sometimes we have cake!). Everyone likes hard facts so:

+ Our classes are covered by most major health funds

+ We’ve been running in the Hunter for over 8 years

+ We’ve taught over 15,000 Pilates classes at Pilates Evolution Now

What are your classes like?

They change every single week so you won’t be stuck doing the same old boring class. Your body is smart, so we change it up on a regular basis as that’s how we find our clients get the best results.

Our mat classes have a prop of the week and a focus each week. That could be flexibility with the foam roller or a muffins and bruffins class with the big ball. The classes focus on a full-body stretch and strengthening sequence that focuses on alignment, precision of movement, choreography and of course fun!

Our studio classes are devised for the individual (that’s you!) and we tailor it each week to your goals and how you’re feeling that week. We start with your private lesson which is where we are lucky to spend an hour working with you and developing your program and getting to know you a little better. Your studio classes are also resistance based, so imagine it’s like a weights class with all the results, however, you won’t sweat out your blow-dry.

What do I wear?

We suggest you reserve the high-cut G-string leotard for your at home practice. It’s best for us if you wear clothing that’s fitted so we can see how your body moves, however, we’d like you to wear clothes you’re comfortable in.

For hygiene reasons, socks must be worn for all classes. We sell our specialised grippy socks at the studio for $15.00

How does your studio work in terms of payments?

We’re a small studio and never plan on packing you in like sardines. For that reason, we require bookings for every class. You have the option of paying as you come with a casual booking¬†or reserving your class each week and paying for a block of classes.

Like any important appointment, your Pilates will then be scheduled on a weekly basis and you’ll save some money for paying up front. Bonus!