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I am extremely happy to endorse your business. Since moving to the area a little over year ago, I have attended your mat classes regularly and thoroughly enjoy my weekly class. I have found you to be extremely knowlegable and passionate about what you do. You offer more than just a Pilates class, you give advice on nutrition and exercises that we can do at home. Your rates are competitive and there are class times to suit most peoples busy schedules. I would recommend your class to friends and have already done so on several occasions.


Over the years I have attended many gyms and Pilates studios but have never received the personalised attention and service that I do at Pilates Evolution Now. Peta Serras really knows her stuff and is able to hone in on your individual strengths and weaknesses and tailor your workout to the results you want to achieve. Since starting, I have significantly improved my fitness, strength and flexibility and generally feel better. Peta’s passion for Pilates and great health has inspired me to continue practising Pilates. I have been a client of Pilates evolution now for over 2 years and intend to continue to practice Pilates throughout my life.


Well the saying “ask and you shall receive” certainly rings true at Pilates Evolution Now! A group of mums needed a class that was within school hours so Peta created one for us within a few weeks. Her perfectionism when it comes to Pilates along with Jans wisdom have provided us with a safe haven where we can go to stretch and exercise, giving us the confidence and motivation to continue on our healthful journey.


You won’t find a better Pilates instructor than Peta. If you are lucky enough to take a class with Peta you’ll know why everyone loves it. Peta’s classes are fun and she genuinely cares for all her clients and tailors her routines specifically for your own body even in a full mat class. Her exercises are clever and she targets the muscle in the most efficient way. Peta knows what she’s doing and no one knows the body like Peta.


Peta has been an excellent teacher who is driven to teach and explain all exercises in a precise way. Peta corrects poor technique and movement in light hearted generous way always making sure you are learning good technique and posture when performing the exercise. Pilates gives you a lot to think about and has really made me slow down and concentrate on performing the movements correctly and with precision. I am still learning new and interesting stretches so classes never get boring. Classes are also very social most of the people attending are very friendly and enjoy the classes as much as I do as their faces have also been a constant for the last few years.


Since starting Pilates not only have I lost weight but also changed my body shape. I always enjoy Pilates not only is Peta an excellent teacher but her professional approach, knowledge and the fun atmosphere created by everyone makes it a pleasure to attend her classes.


After an operation in April 2011 I turned to Pilates Evolution Now to regain strength and flexibility. I was immediately impressed with the professionalism of Peta as she tailored exercises to suit my needs. I find her classes effective and have definitely seen an improvement in my strength and flexibility. Peta has a vast knowledge of all things Pilates and health related which makes her able to fulfill all her clients needs.